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Slick Magazines & Pulp Publishers

Featured below are 6 issues of "slick" and "book-paper" magazines from well-known pulp magazine publishers of the pre-1920 period. They include The Red Book, Everybody's, Smith's, Young's, Munsey's, and The Smart Set. Publishers represented here are Story-Press, Ridgway, Street & Smith, C.H. Young, Frank Munsey, and Pro-Distributors. Information to the right includes date of establishment, publishing company, 1-2 major editors, and total number of issues published. Issues of McClure's Magazine (July 1897), The Black Cat (December 1899), The Saturday Evening Post (August 18, 1906), Harper's Magazine (September 1910), Scribner's Magazine (March 1914), and Collier's Weekly (June 14, 1919) are included for comparison.

For R.D. Mullen's "From Standard Magazines to Pulps and Big Slicks," click here.


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July 1897

McClure's Magazine | Established in 1893 | S.S. McClure | Edited by S.S. McClure (1893-1913) | Total Issues: +/- 444.

Black Cat

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December 1899

The Black Cat | Established in 1895 | Shortstory Publishing Co. | Edited by Herman D. Umbstaetter | Total Issues: +/- 316.

Saturday Evening Post

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August 18, 1906

The Saturday Evening Post | Est. in 1821 | Cyrus Curtis | Ed. by George Horace Lorimer (1899-1936) | Total Issues: Cont.

Red Book

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April 1908

The Red Book Magazine | Established in 1903 | Story-Press | Ed. by Edwin Balmer (1929-49) | Total Issues: Cont.

Story-Press Corp., also publisher of Blue Book and Green Book


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September 1910

Harper's Magazine | Established in 1850 | Harper Bros. | Ed. by Henry Mills Alden (1869-1919) | Total Issues: Cont.


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March 1911

Everybody's Magazine | Established in 1899 | Ridgway Co. | Ed. by Trumbull White (1912-15) | Total Issues: 355.

Ridgway Co., also publisher of Adventure and Romance


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July 1913

Smith's Magazine | Established in 1905 | Street & Smith | Ed. by Theodore Dreiser | Total Issues: 203.

Street & Smith Corp., also publisher of People's, Popular, Detective Story, Love Story, Western Story, et al


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January 1914

Young's Magazine | Established in 1897 | C.H. Young | Ed. by Cashel St. John Pomeroy | Total Issues: 368.

C.H. Young, also publisher of Breezy Stories


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March 1914

Scribner's Magazine | Est. in 1887 | Charles Scribner's Sons | Ed. by Edward L. Burlingame (1887-1914) | Total Issues: 617.


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February 1915

Munsey's Magazine | Established in 1889 | Frank Munsey Co. | Ed. by Robert H. Davis | Total Issues: 590.

Frank Munsey Co., also publisher of Argosy and All-Story

Collier's Weekly

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June 14, 1919

Collier's Weekly | Established in 1888 | P.F. Collier & Son | Ed. by Norman Hapgood | Total Issues: Cont.

Smart Set

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December 1919

The Smart Set | Established in 1900 | Pro-Distributors | Ed. by H.L. Mencken and George Jean Nathan | Total Issues: 365.

Pro-Distributors, also publisher of The Parisienne, Black Mask, and Saucy Stories

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